MSunderstood Café (Bronze Lion – Health & Wellness)

Roche, alongside MS Ireland, took MS awareness to the next level and created a pop-up café that exposed people to the symptoms of MS by demonstrating the everyday difficulties in simply going for a coffee. With the objective of improving access to treatment, this team succeeded in scoring a meeting with the Minister for Health in Ireland – resulting in parliamentary discussions to get speedier access and reaching 13 million people. What’s more, the proceeds of the café went to charity.

Project 84 (Gold Lion – Health & Wellness)

In the UK, 84 men kill themselves every single week. A staggering statistic that needed a brave execution to bring it to the fore and raise awareness not only in the public eye, but all the way to Parliament. CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) partnered with street artist Mark Jenkins to create a message that would jolt a nation. 84 lifelike sculptures standing atop of prominent buildings, designed with the help of friends and families bereaved by suicide. For maximum impact it was revealed live on breakfast TV by one of Britain’s largest TV networks, ITV. The bold move generated 220,000 petition signatures and drove a 34% increase in CALM helpline activity.

5 million puffs (Silver Lion – Pharma)

When it comes to COPD, there’s not a lot of sympathy within the healthcare professional community, with a common perception being that sufferers brought it on themselves and should’ve known better. But what they don’t always see is the everyday struggle of living with COPD. Boehringer Ingelheim, with their agency, wanted to show its grim reality, to create empathy and lead healthcare professionals to believe that even though people have COPD and may still smoke, they still deserve to breathe. Yes, this is a series of print ads, but with such masterful execution and individually crafted headlines, it’s hard not to sit up and take notice. It goes to show that investing in a talented photographer and art team pays off.